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Professor by day. Actor and Artistic Director by night.  


Jennifer lives in Northern California working as a professor of acting and producer for Jessup University's theatre department and Artistic Director of The Classic Theatre. Performing gigs and other artistic endeavors will whisk her away to other parts of the country from LA to NY. She loves people, projects, creating irresistible environments, telling good stories with good people, and all the travel necessary to make divergent worlds converge.


Fun Fact: Her nickname in grad school was "Wildcard."

Artistic Statement: "I build worlds through immersive storytelling and by unlocking the artists who tell them. I believe that process imprints into product and that every rehearsal, class session, or interaction with fellow artists should be characterized by cherishing the people we get to work with and the stories we serve. It is hard work—playing well—and that is what I get to do."

Upcoming Projects

Producer, "Henry V', Jessup University (CA)

Producer, "The Scarlet Pimpernel", Jessup University (CA)

Director/Choreographer, "Celebrate America" (CA)

Director/Performer, "An Evening to Remember", The Classic Theatre (CA)

Producer, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow", The Classic Theatre (CA)

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